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Scenario Thinking

Presents new methods in scenario thinking, based on a mix of high-level research and top-level consultancy experience. The authors describe the logical bases of a range of scenario methods and provide

ISBN10 : 0230306896 , ISBN13 : 9780230306899

Page Number : 192

Scenario Planning

Is your business ready for the future? Scenario planning is a fascinating, yet still underutilized, business tool that can be of immense value to a company's strategic planning process. It allows comp

ISBN10 : 1118170156 , ISBN13 : 9781118170151

Page Number : 190

Future Scenarios

In Future Scenarios, permaculture co-originator and leading sustainability innovator David Holmgren outlines four scenarios that bring to life the likely cultural, political, agricultural, and economi

ISBN10 : 1603582061 , ISBN13 : 9781603582063

Page Number : 136

Facing The Fold

How do we face the uncertainty and complexity of the future? An overly optimistic perspective can be motivating but easily dismissed as naive or shallow; the pessimistic outlook may be considered to b

ISBN10 : 1908009225 , ISBN13 : 9781908009227

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