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Images At War

Using the press coverage of the Franco-Prussian war as a starting point, Michèle Martin's Images at War examines nineteenth-century illustrated periodicals published in France, Germany, England, and

ISBN10 : 0802037577 , ISBN13 : 9780802037572

Page Number : 302

Getting The Picture

Powerful and often controversial, news pictures promise to make the world at once immediate and knowable. Yet while many great writers and thinkers have evaluated photographs of atrocity and crisis, f

ISBN10 : 1472566653 , ISBN13 : 9781472566652

Page Number : 320

Aloysius O Kelly

This is a critical biography of Aloysius O'Kelly's career as a painter, illustrator and committed Fenian which uncovers a world hardly known hitherto except in the most caricatured versions.

ISBN10 : 0946755426 , ISBN13 : 9780946755424

Page Number : 358