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Tower Dog

A provocative look inside the most dangerous job in America by a powerful new literary voiceWhat is the price of staying connected, of that phone in your hand or that watch on your wrist? Recent TV sh

ISBN10 : 1593766750 , ISBN13 : 9781593766757

Page Number : 304

Sugar Tower

When the real estate market crashed, New York's most well known developer has to struggle to keep his family dynasty afloat. The developer's wife is found dead in the swimming pool of his most recent

ISBN10 : 1453650091 , ISBN13 : 9781453650097

Page Number : 312

The Tower

It begins with a sound. And sounds can never hurt ... can they? The Tower stands in solitude. What began as a medieval farmhouse has grown over the centuries into something very evil. There are the st

ISBN10 : 071980633X , ISBN13 : 9780719806339

Page Number : 224

Day Of The Dog

In the year 2020, racial tensions are on the rise throughout the United States. Protests and violence escalate throughout the country, and terrorists take advantage of the situation to launch a biolog

ISBN10 : 1491773723 , ISBN13 : 9781491773727

Page Number : 318